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Hamster VTEC Miss-Shift


Lamy Safari’s

Red, Blue, Lime Green, and Black, with Orange soon joining the ranks. Can’t fathom a yellow or a white one, as I like to colour-match the ink, yellow and white inks are kind of useless to me. All filled with Diamine, though I will have some Noodler’s on hand soon.

Math Class Doodles

Nice Drink Packaging By IKEA

Wasn’t half bad either (the drink), sparkling apple or pear, both tasted like alcoholic cider, which reminds me to get several cans of Sir Perry’s Pear Cider for evaluation.

Welding Porn – Miller Dynasty TIG Work

Done by a (talented!) fella named John Marcela over at Marcella Manifolds (248-259-6696), see if you recognize the base engine.

More here:

Saddleback Leather

Finally got their medium bifold wallet in tobacco brown, it is THICK! Other than that, feels pretty durable, time will tell.